A New Web Home and a New Perspective

Welcome to my new little home on the web! For those of you who have been subscribers to my e-newsletter, Words of Wellness, or visitors to my former web presence, Wiseheart Wellness, this probably looks way different!

It is way different, because I’m different – I’ve grown…I see things from a new perspective and that perspective has influenced not only my personal life, but the way I work with my coaching clients.

I really hope you’ll stick around to see what sprouts in the coming months!

And, for those of you who are new to this space, coming via my friend and colleague, Mynde Mayfield, or from other parts far and wide, I warmly welcome you, too, and hope that you find something here that you resonate with.

Now that you’ve been welcomed in, take off your coat and stay awhile. Let me pour you a nice hot cup of coffee and I’ll tell you all about this new perspective of mine.

I’ll try to tell this in a nutshell, because frankly, it could be a book! Let’s just say that 2010 was not exactly my favorite year. It had its great moments, like my marriage to my wonderful husband, Michael, in July, yet there were many, many challenges that helped to shape this new way of being and understanding. I won’t bore you with all the gory details , but here’s how one challenge flipped my perspective big time.

With my background in exercise and strength training, 2010 kicked off with traveling to my hometown in West Virginia each week to help with the rehab of my 90-year-old grandmother, Fern, and to give my Aunt Cathy (who is near and dear to my heart and is seriously a saint, by the way) a break from caring for her 24/7. She had fallen earlier in the autumn, breaking her hip and shoulder. So, every Friday I drove up and came back on Tuesday morning, from November 2009 through June 2010. It was tough – I missed my honey and barely had time to work with clients and do the grocery shopping until it was time to turn around and go back – AND it was also a blessing. My grandmother and I hadn’t spent that much time together in years -  it was time I’ll cherish even more as the years go by. She’s fine now, by the way – ornery as heck – living in her own home. Another blessing that came out of left field from this experience was a new appreciation of my parents. I had always hated the fact that we had moved so often (for my Dad’s career) as I was growing up – I wanted to be in my hometown – and resented my parents for this. After seven months of being in my tiny hometown and being around the perspective of folks who’d never left, I have become enormously grateful for the wealth of experiences I’ve had in my life, living in many places and having the honor of knowing people from all walks of life. And, yes, I let my parents know that the anger was gone and all that was left was gratitude.

The Universe (or insert your label for the Holy) really does have our best interests at heart. Duh. Though I had intellectually believed this idea in my mind for a long time, it took the events of 2010 to powerfully implant the knowing more firmly in my heart. This one thing, alone, changed my perspective in ways I’m still seeing and appreciating.

I find myself asking more often when something “bad” happens, what “good” can I see in this now? Okay, before you think I’m going and getting all “PollyAnna” on you, I want to stress that this is all a PROCESS and that though I wear really cool pink SUPER GIRL jammies, even Super Girl occasionally finds it a wee bit difficult to see beyond the “villain” in my path. That’s the definition of faith – I can trust that I will be able to see the big picture at some point and that these “problems” are simply sacred opportunities to be the best me .

Thanks so much for dropping by – I hope you’ll come back…. :-)

Please leave your comments, questions and ideas below. And, remember, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” -George Eliot

With love from your partner on the path,

Lisa :-)

P.S. And, be sure to check out the kind words about me by my friend and colleague, Mynde Mayfield at her blog, Msquared – along with my guest post – Natural Alignment: A Guest Post by Lisa Capehart. Mynde helps women get their web presence up and going, along with other cool stuff, using an Optimystical approach!

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2 responses to “A New Web Home and a New Perspective”

  1. Lisa, Welcome to the blogosphere! I like your new site and I can’t wait to see what great things you’ll write here! I’m sure it will be incredible. Keep up the wonderful work. All the best! Your friend — Dave

  2. Have you read John Maxwell, Steven Covey and the like? I think you would enjoy them. Like yourself, I am a believer in living an authentic life with intention. It was great to see you last night and I hope we can get together for coffee very soon.