Happy Thanksgiving

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”
– Meister Eckhart

23293834_sAs I write this, a day before Thanksgiving, many of us are stressed out about the economy and are wondering what we have to be thankful for when our portfolios continue to tank and and there is nothing but doom and gloom from the media on every imaginable subject.

Well, let me whip out my gratitude journal and share with you what I’m thankful for and then, maybe you’ll feel compelled to compile your own list and share it with me.

I’m thankful for clean sheets. What is it that feels so good about getting into a bed with fresh, clean sheets? Cool, crisp cotton ones in the warmer months and cozy, cotton flannel ones for the cold nights of winter.  Aahhh…

I’m grateful for my wonderful son, Dillon. Now grown and off on his own life adventure, he has taught me about unconditional love and opened my eyes to the idea of pushing ourselves to live life on the “bleeding edge” of growth.

I’m grateful for a loving partner. Having someone to share your challenges and joys with makes life even better. My husband, Michael, came home from the store a couple of days ago with a jar of Pink Himalayan Salt for me. Why? Because he knows I love all things pink!  Simple gestures like this make each other feel loved.

I’m thankful for Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate Truffles. Enough said!

I’m grateful for real, whole, fresh food. Granted, many will say a perfunctory blessing before Thanksgiving dinner, but when we load our plates at the table and load our carts at the grocery, do we really think about the animals that gave their lives or the farmers who work dawn to dusk to bring that nourishment to us? Nothing brings that concept to the fore like preparing your own wild game or cultivating a garden. Like the Native Americans, you want to use every bit of the animal, honoring its life and thanking nature that your freezer is filled with healthy meat to feed you and your family through the winter. And, I know I will savor the Roma tomatoes and pesto that I put up from my garden.

I’m grateful for my family, friends and clients. My awesome clients make me want to continue to learn as much as I can about wellness and inspire me with their willingness to take risks to live their vision. And, my family and friends, in myriad ways, encourage me to live my vision and move ever closer to my authentic self.

The funny thing about keeping a gratitude journal is that once you get started, it’s hard to stop finding things for which you’re grateful. I hope the same will be true for you. And, I wish you and the ones you love a very, very Happy Thanksgiving.

What are YOU grateful for? Please leave your list below in the comment field. And, remember, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” -George Eliot

Lisa :-)

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