Personal Fitness Training

I offer Personal Fitness Training for women on a short-term basis only. My Kick-Start Program is a great way for you to define your fitness goals – cardiorespiratory, strength and flexibility. I will teach you to use free weights safely and confidently to tone and sculpt your body. Don’t worry ladies, lifting weights will NOT make you bulky, but will help prevent osteoporosis, build more muscle mass so you can lose weight easier and stay active and able to do the things you love to do!

This package includes a health consultation, fitness program design and two, one-hour personal training sessions in the privacy of your home or at my studio.

Should you feel that you need an accountability partner for an extended time, I invite you to consider my 13-week Coaching program in conjunction with the Personal Fitness Training. If losing weight is your goal, please be sure to check out my Mindful Eating Workshops, a non-diet approach.

If you live in the Northern Kentucky/Southern Ohio area, I’d love to work with you! Please email or call me to schedule an appointment.

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“I had blood work done last week and my cholesterol levels were all great.  Everything had improved since October.  I guess mindful eating and exercise really do work!!!  I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Kathy Dorn
Augusta, Kentucky

“Before starting my weekly training sessions with Lisa I was an on-again, off-again gym go-er. Lisa introduced me to the balance ball – which we used for a seat while doing free weight work. I’ve since starting using the ball as a sometimes desk ‘chair’ and it really relieves lower back fatigue. I don’t know what I enjoyed more – getting connected with my body and seeing the quick results from weight training – or the conversations on every imaginable topic! Lisa is not only a knowledgeable professional, she is one of the funniest, warmest and most out-going people I know.”

Melissa Hampton
Founder, Speak2Win Media
Atlanta, Georgia

“An Affordable Luxury!! I thought it was wonderful to have Lisa come to my home and design a workout program just for me. I was able to work out in the privacy of my home and give her a call or an email if I had a problem or a question. The Enneagram personality test was a lot of fun and really gave me insight to conflicts I was having. Our weekly wellness coaching sessions kept me motivated and on track! It was a very personal plan and something just for ME!”

Christi Countryman-Dick
Peebles, OH