Stop Dieting! And, Heal Your Relationship with Food.

Through my own dieting history and working with many women over the past 20 years who have wanted to lose weight and couldn’t do it with Weight Watchers or other structured diets, I had arrived at the conclusion that diets just don’t work!

About the same time I came to this conclusion, I read an article in one of my professional journals which described the size of your stomach as about the size of your fist. It was an “A-ha” moment for me! Though I was a wellness professional and ate nutritious food and exercised regularly, I had put on about 15 extra pounds through my 30’s. Now, I understood why – I was simply eating too much. Hence, “Lisa’s Fist Philosophy” was born! My clients who began to use this idea were more successful in losing weight and more importantly, keeping it off. Oh, and I lost my 15 pounds, too!

What I didn’t know at the time was that “Lisa’s Fist Philosophy” was a facet of the movement referred to as Intuitive Eating or Mindful Eating, which is a non-diet approach to building a better relationship with food. Today, I am joined by countless wellness and medical professionals who have also come to the conclusion that diets don’t work for lasting weight loss. The reason that diets don’t work is because you can only maintain the restrictive, rules-oriented lifestyle for a short while – no one can give up everything they love to eat forever!

And, for many of you who struggle with your weight – it’s NOT about the food! It’s about using food to cope with a things in life you’re not happy with or to comfort yourself because there are other issues that are too painful to deal with. The Mindful Eating philosophy addresses both of these important aspects, so that as you become more aware of why you’re eating and are able to be in charge of your eating, you will become happier because you’re not beating yourself up and the result can be lasting weight loss.

Dr. Michelle May – Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat!

Then, I was introduced to Dr. Michelle May, who is the author the book, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle and her accompanying Am I Hungry? Workshops.  Her work on Mindful Eating filled in the missing pieces of “Lisa’s Fist Philosophy.”

It was an honor for me to be trained by Dr. May to become a Mindful Eating Coach and Licensed Facilitator of the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshops , which combine the benefits of this innovative approach with the interaction, motivation and support of a group. In the workshop, you learn to be in charge of your eating instead of feeling out of control, how to eat the foods you love without overeating or guilt, how to increase your metabolism and how to eat healthier without depriving yourself.

If you’d like to hear more from Dr. May herself, listen to or download this episode of my radio show:


Am I Hungry? 8-Week Workshops

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For a more individual approach, many clients prefer to integrate the Am I Hungry? principles with my 13-week Coaching program.