Avodah Farmsâ„¢

My dream, a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl, is live on a farm. I suppose it comes naturally, since my great-grandparents were farmers in West Virginia, my grandmother grew up on that farm and even my mother lived on the family farm as a young child. Nature has been a lifelong inspiration for me and I still recall planting watermelon seeds outside our apartment door when I was four years old – trusting that I would soon have a juicy slice to eat. I guess I’ve been a farmer at heart all along – living off the land feels like a big piece of my purpose.

In recent years, I’ve become aware that even when we strive to buy fresh foods to cook for our families, we’re not quite sure what we’re getting. So, growing and providing more of our own food is quite important to me – I want a safe and organic food supply. Spiritually, I’m grateful for the reminder that I can trust and have faith that the earth will provide for me, just like it does for the trees, birds, squirrels that I enjoy watching from my kitchen window.

In 2000, I read an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about a new book entitled, True Work, by Michael Toms and Justine Willis Toms. The book is about “The Sacred Dimension of Earning a Living” and in the article Justine mentioned the word, Avodah. It is a Hebrew word, that loosely translated, means work and worship combined. I immediately resonated with this word and its meaning and it has inspired me in my work ever since. In fact, Avodah Enterprises has been the overarching name of my business for a long time!

So, it was only fitting that I name my farm, my lifelong dream, Avodah Farmsâ„¢.

Artisanal Foods We Offer

Avodah Farmsâ„¢ offers small-batch goodies, made by hand and with fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

MaMaw Hartley’s Copper Kettle Apple Butter is made with apples grown right here in Bracken County, Kentucky. Check back for the availability of our next batch.

Miss Ruby’s Bread and Butter Pickles are made with cucumbers, onions and peppers grown here at the farm. Our next batch will be available late summer 2011.

Melanie and Son’s Dill Pickles are made with cucumbers, garlic and dill grown here at the farm. Our next batch will be available late summer 2011.

Grandmother Barnett’s Blackberry Preserves are made with blackberries grown right here in Bracken County, Kentucky. Our next batch will be available late summer 2011.

Artisanal Dairy Products – Our Old World Mini Jersey calf has not yet arrived. So, until that time, these porcelain types will suffice.  They give cream and they’re low-maintenance! At some point in the future, we will offer several types of artisanal dairy products.

Other Products and Services

Blue Jean Babies are sweet stuffed farm animals for kids of all ages to cuddle with. They are made of recycled denim and other vintage fabrics. Babies are due in late Spring 2011.

Retreats – Avodah Farmsâ„¢ is not set up to accommodate retreats at this time, so I have partnered with three lovely venues in the area. Please click here to learn more about planning your retreat.