Does this sound like you?

“I know that if I could just lose this weight and get in shape, my life would be great. All of my problems revolve around my weight. I feel terrible about the way I look and feel. I’ve just GOT to lose this weight!”


“I’m not sure what”s next for me. My life is half over and I still don”t feel like I”m living my purpose. I feel like my life’s dreams have been on hold. Now, I feel the clock ticking! What the hell have I been waiting for?”

Or, perhaps…

“Everyone around me owns a piece of me – my family, my job, my church, the PTA – everyone BUT me. I don”t even have time to think! I don”t remember the things I used to love to do – I only know that I”m on a treadmill, doing the things that have to be done. I”m sick and tired of living this way, but I don”t see a solution without disappointing others. I need to start taking care of ME.”

* * * * *

You’re a smart and capable woman who puts your all into everything you do. You work crazy hard, at your career and at life – attending to demanding clients, being an awesome wife or partner, a great Mom, a good friend, volunteering and taking care of aging parents. You do everything for everyone!

Except yourself.

So, you’re stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and sad.

You KNOW your life could be different and happier. You WANT to take better care of yourself and you keep trying to do just that. You’ve tried so many times before and you’re angry and confused that you’ve been unable to keep promises to yourself, because you’re able to keep your promises to EVERYONE else around you. And, you’re scared to think of “failing” again or taking a risk and leaving behind the familiar, even though you want something different. Oh, yeah, I forgot – it’s selfish, too. So, you’re tempted to just put all of your hopes and dreams aside and just get on with your routine, because things will NEVER change.

Of course, this makes you feel EVEN MORE stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and sad.

Well, what if I told you that your life CAN be different…happier…better? What if I told you that everyone’s been thinking about change all backwards and that’s what’s made it so hard? And, what if I told you that it could be easy to make your life the way you want it?

Don’t believe me? It’s true! And, what if that could happen, like, well…



I’m Lisa Capehart and I help smart, capable women like you approach change from a revolutionary perspective, so that you can get unstuck, get your life back and make change easy.

Learn more about me. Curious about how we might work together?

With love from your partner on the path,

Lisa :-)

    *     *     *     *     *

“I’ve lost more than 50 pounds with Lisa’s assistance. Working with her is far more than simply about weight loss. It is about discovering myself in a way that feels true, comfortable and exciting all at once. Lisa has been the perfect guide for the journey.”  – Allison Britts, Knoxville, TN

“I was stressed and unhappy, and I blamed it on a lot of things – my weight, my husband, the demands that others put on me and the ones I put on myself. Lisa helped me to prioritize my life in a way so that I don’t have to live in that chaos anymore.”  – Penny Sticklen, Brooksville, KY